"There's a gravitas it lends to the drink: it makes the sweet a heavier, more bass-like note; it gives the sour a brass section depth; and it definitely, definitely adds some character to the story of the coctail overall. Anyone can have Bacardi in their cocktail just like anyone can hum a few bars of Beethoven's Ode to Joy. It's a little something extra to be able to riff the Ode to Joy on an electric guitar plugged into a pawn store amp at 2:00am in the morning for your buddies on the back lawn."

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"...An 80 proof honey liqueur: a spirit distilled from sugar beets and flavored with Wisconsin honey and aged in American oak. It was a gorgeous, full-bodied, and only lightly sweet spirit showing up with true honey-colored hues in the bottle. After well over 50 tastes of different spirits, it's remarkable that this spirit stood out as one of the best of the evening."

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"Many ouzos are a savage whipsaw of acrid, burning bite and then a sickly sweet finish — Old Sugar’s ouzo, by contrast, is deep and mellow, with pungency but no nasty edge, and a balanced level of sweetness. Despite being 90 proof, it’s so balanced that it’s pleasantly sippable straight."

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