We're proud to announce that we now offer two varieties of Barrel-Aged maple syrup- Queen Jennie and Smoked Barley!
While they both offer the smooth, rich flavor of high-quality Wisconsin Maple Syrup, Each has a unique twist on that flavor that adds something special to every application
This delighful syrup is well-suited for all applications, including cooking, baking, and of course mixology.
Currently available in the tasting room while supplies last- Pick it up while we've still got it!


Of course there's nothing wrong with putting Maple Syrup on Waffles, Pancakes or even Ice Cream, but we have found that they make for a delicous tool in any bartender's kit;


Muddled lime, Maple Syrup, and cherry bitters with Queen Jennie or Bourbon over ice. Garnish with a cherry.


Brandy Station, Maple Syrup, muddled orange, and Angostura. A stiff variant of one of the finest and oldest cocktails.


Cane & Abe Rum, Maple Syrup, orange juice, and muddled lemon or lime. Stir to combine and serve on ice.