Old Sugar Distillery is dedicated to making environmentally friendly choices and supporting other green businesses. Here are a few things we do to help.

1) We buy domestically manufactured glass. We purchase about a truckload of glass bottles each year from a plant in Missouri. It takes a lot of energy to make glass. Doing it domestically ensures high emission standards of the manufacturing plants and eliminates shipping them across the ocean.

2) Our building has solar panels on the roof. Annually, this 10kW DC solar electric system will generate at least 11,880 kWh of electricity and offset 13.2 tons of CO2 emissions.

3) We purchase green power from Madison Gas & Electric. 50% of our electricity comes from renewable resources such as wind and solar. It’s important to support what MG&E is doing with their Green Power Tomorrow program. It directly offsets non-renewable power production. We think they should rename it "Green Power Today".