Apple Brandy

We purchased 2,400 gallons of Apple Cider from Ski Hi Fruit Farm in Baraboo, a stone's throw from Devil's Lake State Park. We are making varietal specific apple brandies, so you'll be able to taste 4 different kinds of brandy: Cortland, Honeycrisp, Macoun, and McIntosh. Unlike our other brandies, we are aging these in new charred oak, making them intensely oaky. Planning to bottle this July.

Pinot Gris Brandy(Manhattan)

Having experienced two very small local grape harvests in a row, we decided to expand our horizons. We purchased finished Pinot Gris wine from Ancient Lake Winery in Quincey, Washington. After distilling, we aged it in a variety of barrels to be blended together. We plan to add vermouth to it, turning it into a bottled Brandy Manhattan. Planning to bottle this in August.

The Return of Brandy Station

Brandy Station is our traditional European-Style brandy made from local grapes grown just south of Madison between Oregon and Stoughton. It is aged in new medium-toast barrels that provide hints of vanilla and then it is moved to used charred rum barrels where it picks up caramel flavors. Next bottling is in October.

Harvester Bottling

We plan to bottle our Harvester cocktail premixed, but we ran into some trademark issues. Hope to bottle under a new name this fall.

Marc Brandy

Also known as aged grappa, it is a full flavored brandy since it's made just from the skins and stems of the grapes. Aged in the same fashion as Brandy Station, first in new medium toast barrels and then in used charred rum barrels. Next Bottling February 2018.